Contour Gauge 10 inch + Magnetic Wristband Bonus!


  • Product Type: Contour Gauge Duplicator
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 10inch
  • Usage: Copy Any Irregular Shapes


Product specifications

  • Product Type: Contour Gauge Duplicator
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 10inch
  • Usage: Copy Any Irregular Shapes

It is more convenient to copy any size.

Easily mimic any shape or profile for woodwork or tile flooring/linoleum installation. You want to match the shape or cut out of the door cover and the mold around the pipe. Profile gauges are widely used in metals and woodworking. When cutting tiles, you need a special tool to stay in the way of cutting straight edge tiles to fit around pipes, awkward corners, and other objects in particular. Here’s how to cut your tile. The contour duplicate gauge cutting line allows for simple and quick scanning with a lock and moves right onto the material you cut and fits into place.

 More smooth & durable material 

Our contour duplication gauge upgrades are ABS plastic, high density, and soft, providing a more durable and sturdy construction for greater use, making your work more comfortable and improving your work efficiency.

 Useful contour gauge

Also known as shape duplicator. It is a device for recording crosses- the sectional shape of the surface consists of high-quality. ABS plastic pins that are firmly attached in a single plane and a parallel frame. Allow them to move independently, perpendicular to the frame. The contour gauge duplicator tool is suitable for simulating any shape for easy movement on tile and other surfaces.

High accuracy

Contour gauges have a high tooth resolution and are perfectly usable, and do not easily lose shape.

How to Use it

Guide the teeth of the profile gauge over the object, lock and trace the teeth. Enough!
1. Press the profile gauge to adjust the tightness around the surface until all the ends are lined up.
2. Change the handle to lock. This pushes the pin assembly and they do not slip easily.
3. Find the textures on the wood that you fit with the things. Fit in place.



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